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Applying an eyeliner


Looking good is important because it helps boost your self-esteem which enhances your public interaction. How many times have you felt embarrassed in public because of malfunctions related to your image?  Having that attractive appearance may help you strike different deals because you interact with people freely. There are many things you can do to change your look. Having a fantastihairdo, putting in certain types of clothes and wearing makeup are the usual methods used to transform one’s appearance. Wearing makeup is common among most ladies and few men. This involves the use application of cosmetics such as powder and lipsticks to change one’s appearance.


This method is useful in the enhancement of beauty because of the complete makeover it brings to one immediately after being applied.002 People wear make up for different occasions like weddings and parties. Those in the video and media industry also apply cosmetics to change their appearance before the cameras. It also makes one look attractive. There are different types of cosmetics out there which serve various purposes. Make Up By Chelsea will give you the best reviews and tutorials on how to use them. One of the most common is the eyeliner. It is applied around the eyes as a line to make them more noticeable. It is used by ladies to enhance their attractive look. For those who have never used it and are looking forward to using it here are the procedures for applying eyeliner.


Sharpen your pencil

For those using the pencil liner ensure your pencil is sharp to ensure smooth application and movement of the liner. A sharpened pencil will guarantee the right surface is covered by the liner to give you that desired look. For those who are using the liquid liner ensure the brush used in its application has a sharp end. A flat end will give you uneven application of the liner.


Balance your application

Ensure both eyes are even in the administration of the lining. Fill the gaps that might be left during use. You can also seek the services of a professional makeup artist if you want perfection. Understand the areas you should apply and take your time to ensure the best outcome for your desired look. It is necessary you work on the upper and lower lids. Do not forget the outer part of your eyelids.



003The mode in which you position your eyes can determine the outcome of your lining. With the help of your mirror or laptop camera, hold your eyelids properly and apply your liner. You can lift them using a finger or even close one eye to provide more accuracy. Move your head back to get a more transparent look.

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