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Portraiture — LUZ Studios

We do not take pictures with our cameras,
but with our hearts and minds.” – Arnold Newman

A powerful portrait is a gift; an expression of the subject, but it is equally the creation of a photographer’s point of view about their subject and their visual interpretation of them.. an open collaboration with your subject.

Working with large format cameras offers the opportunity for a true creative collaborate and the ability to create a unique portrait that will stand the test of time. Having a portrait made with us is a different kind of experience that engages you in the creative process and provides a glimpse into the Alchemy of the photographic process as you watch an image appear on a metal plate, a piece of glass, or a sheet of vintage paper.
Craig 2014
Bruce 2014
Eliza 2014
Coles Family 2014
Molly 2013
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We work with a range of traditional and alternative analogue processes. B&W film from 35mm up to 8×10 is processed by hand in our darkroom. Final prints are generally made in our traditional darkroom on fine quality fibre papers or negatives can be scanned for inkjet printing at larger sizes.

Paper Negatives
A sheet of sensitized paper is loaded into the back of the camera – exposed – and then developed in a few minutes to produce a ‘paper negative.’ This negative is used to make a contact silver gelatin print on finer paper. The size of the final print is determined by the size of the negative. A 4×5 negative will produce a 4×5 silver print.

Film 35mm / 120mm
Capturing the spontaneity and emotion of life as it unfolds, with small responsive film cameras. Then by hand we develop each roll of film in our darkroom. where we can make beautiful, traditional silver gelatin prints or scan the film for inkjet printing.

Large Format; 4×5, 5×7 & 8×10
These are our working cameras! They don’t sit up on a shelf as an objet d’art…they are used in the studio and on location. Whether it’s for tintypes, ambrotypes, glass negatives, paper negatives … you get the picture… they produce an incredible image (details) that we believe are unmatched in their beauty.

Tintypes & Ambrotypes
Working in collodion, a process from the 19th century is complete magic. Even in today’s world of ‘technological advancements’ there is nothing like seeing an image transform on the plate. Click here to find out more about Tintypes Portraits.

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Quinton and Diana are the driving force and creative team behind Luz Studios.
You’ll usually find Quinton working his magic from behind the camera, and Diana in the darkroom perfecting her chemical recipes and the alchemy of wet plate photography.

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