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Latest interesting Facts about Necklaces

Most of the people in the current world are ignorant of the uses and values of a necklace. This special type of jewelry was not just created to be a mere decoration as most of us think. Have you ever wondered why princesses and queens of ancient mighty kingdoms wore necklaces? A necklace is beyond what you literally see on someone’s neck.

This special type of jewelry was originally meant for emotional expression and strengthening of romance. Necklaces with diamond were most valued and were believed to create and impress a lot of attention. They were among the first type of art developed using different technologies for example bones and animal teeth. In general, they have played an important role in the fashion and outfit industry. In the past, it was commonly worn by female partners, but in the currently developing world, it is worn by both genders. Nowadays beautiful tangle necklace are for different tastes and are outsourced from different materials like enamel, gold, stones, beads and expensive metals.

Necklaces can be categorized into different classes according to dimensions of length which include:

  • Choker – 35 to 41 centimeters in length which hang closely on the neck
  • Princess -45 to 50 centimeters in length and it is slightly longer than a choker
  • Matinee- 56 to 58 centimeters. It hangs closely to the cleavage of a woman
  • Opera necklace-75 to 90 centimeters. It hangs on the breastbone
  • Rope necklace- Longer than 90 centimeters. It rests past the breastbone
  • Lariat necklace- Longest necklace. It’s long enough that it can be wrapped multiple times around the neck. Can be worn regarding loops.

Now that we have known the facts of this special jewelry we should ask ourselves how we should acquire quality necklaces. The following are ways to choose the right necklace:

According to Neck

The first thing to consider is your neck size. We have to know our neck size by measuring it by using any measuring tape. After knowing your size, you check the various types of necklaces and decide on which you are comfortable and will make you look presentable.

According to your height

It is important to check your height when choosing the necklace length. Too long necklaces may look ugly on petite persons. Short persons work well with princess and matinees necklaces. Medium persons can wear any length.

In conclusion, necklaces are a fashionable piece of art which have been worn since ancient times. Necklaces have become an influence in the modern society and have brought about wearing of simple chains and neck ware by the male gender. In the past, necklaces were worn by special classes of people and rules were developed on how and when to wear the jewelry. It was used to point out the wealth status of the society.


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