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There are various ways you can adopt to guide you on how to shop for relaxing beauty products. Currently, we have ways you can use to shop both online and offline easily due to advancing technology.
When you look at how celebrities and style bloggers dress, you may conclude that they have a super-cool wardrobe, but you may be surprised that this is not the case as most of them only have the basic outfits but they make very thin tweaks that make them look seriously chic.
There are things you must know before you put on your makeup. People have skins with different sensitivity to some body makeup. You need to examine the type of skin you have before you apply the makeup in your body.

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Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

cosmetic surgery

In this current world where we are put in a position where beauty matters, there are now a lot of ways you can achieve the ideal look and figure as well as enhance what’s already there. One of the most common ways of achieving it is by getting cosmetic surgery.

When getting cosmetic surgery, it is important to note that you need to find a good doctor and clinic, like cosmos clinic sydney or others, to do the procedures for you. When talking about cosmetic surgery, there is a wide array of different procedures. Here are some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance your beauty and figure:


skinny waistLiposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure around the world. This procedure aims to contour your figure so that you can get closer to your ideal body type. This procedure must be done by a professional, like any other surgeries.

It is actually done by removing fat from parts of your body where it is not affected by diet and exercise. Some people mistake it to be a quick way to weight loss, when in fact it isn’t. It is a procedure done to shape and contour your body.

Breast Surgery

Breasts are an important feature of any woman. They are a prominent part of women’s bodies to shape their figure. Cosmetic surgery is a way to achieve your ideal breast shape and size/ There are two main types of breast surgery, which are breast augmentation and breast reduction.

If you have small boobs and want to enhance them and make them bigger, then breast augmentation is for you. If you have bigger boobs and feel like they’re too heavy and distracting, then breast reduction is for you. Make sure that you consult with a professional beforehand.


nose jobRhinoplasty, or nose jobs, are also one of the most sought-after procedures when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The nose is a prominent part of your face. It is a crucial feature of your face that can make or break your beauty. That is because the nose is a part of your body that is located right in the center of your entire face. Most people are unhappy with how their nose looks, that is why a lot of people ten to get this procedure done to their noses.


This is also a very popular procedure. Most of the time, people who get this procedure done are the ones who are aging. They need to stay looking young, and that is why they get facelifts. It is a type of cosmetic surgery for your face to reduce wrinkles and to make you stay young and look ageless. It is a very popular cosmetic surgery for people who have started to get wrinkles and have sagging skin on their faces.

Tips to Make Your Skin to Glow Naturally

lady holding mirror

If you have been having a problem tackling your skincare issues, there are brilliant face care tips to guide you in bringing your dream to reality. However, people have been too excited about using the face care remediation and end up doing the wrong thing especially with the wrong products. Be sure about your skin type before you try out any skincare product.

You need to find expert tips on your daily skin care to enhance a natural glowing and healthy skin. Whether you are a beginner or a frequent user of the skincare products, you need to make changes that will support healthy skin, try something different such as the caviar anti aging products. The following are significant tips to guide you through your daily skin care.

What Does Your Skin Need?

face with makeupPeople have different types of skins, and not all are capable of supporting every medicine. Before you apply any remedy or cosmetic, you need to find out what your skin needs. Learn about the appropriate treatment to do for your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, dry or oily, there are respective remedies that are perfect for each type. Therefore, it is ideal to find out what exactly your skin needs and apply the right procedure of treatment to make it naturally glowing.

Remove the Makeup When Going to Bed

People always neglect the point of removing makeups when they are going to bed. It is significant to keep your skin free from any makeup up and clean it before you sleep.

The oil and pores on your face will become heavy when you leave makeups through the night and end up causing damages. You need to find a makeup removal brush and cleanse your face to maintain healthy skin. Always give your skin room to grow naturally and repair when you are asleep.

Steam Your Face

You need to steam your face to open the pores and remove all the impurities that are deep in the skin, and this makes your face for glowing. The pore will often get soft when you apply steam to your skin, and they will pop up.

Steaming also helps blood circulation and reproduce healthy skin in the process. The steam you use for your skin at home should involve water mixed with mint leaves and lemon. Ensure you are not too close to the hot steam to avoid causing broken veins.

Avoid Too Much Sugar

cream in a containerIt takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication to keep your face glowing naturally; you have to avoid taking foods with too much sugar. The sugars will make your skin to have a premature growth. These foods with high levels of sugar contain glycemic in high quantity, which eventually leads to increased production of cortisol that reduce the collagen production.

If you want healthy skin, for must feed and nourish it with the right kind of food. Ensure that you take foods with more of antioxidants such as vegetables and vitamin C such as citrus and berries.

Product reviewing and its general significance


Most buyers like to compare different products before settling for the right one. This is because they want to buy something that is legit and durable. The price of a product is also another reason why most buyers conduct product reviews. They do this to know the price variations of a particular product. Different manufacturers can also produce similar products but of different features. Take an example of a Smartphone model X manufactured in two different countries, resemble each other but slightly vary in features like its storage capacity or camera resolution. Product comparison will help a buyer understand which item suits his or her requirements.


Shops have come up with sites like The Top 10 Best Reviews where you can compare different products from the comfort of your home. These sites have search filters which enable you to look for the type of product you want from mobile phones and electronics to shoes and fashion items. When reviewing a product, one should put a lot of factors into consideration. Check the ratings and comments to know if there is any complaint posed by buyers about a particular item. Product reviewing is of general significance as highlighted below.


Sales increase

Scrutinizing of a particular product by buyers can help boost its sales. This is because they will develop a liking it of it because of how it002 stands out from the others. The pricing of an item can also be a reason for its number of increase in sales. You might have two commodities of similar features but slightly different prices. Customers can also apply the tell a friend policy if they find an amazing product from the comparison done. This will create an extensive network of buyers thus boosting the sales of a certain item.



There is some level of guaranteed satisfaction from product reviewing since one is able to know and understand what a particular product entails. Most customers have fallen out with various online shops because of delivering items that are of big difference compared to what is posted on their sites. It’s always a let down when you unpack a product brought by the delivery guy only to find it is that fake item your mates told you about. Conducting product reviews will save you from calling different people to enquire how a particular item is or works.



One develops trust in a particular shop or brand after conducting reviews. You may find yourself buying televisions, smart phones, water dispensers or refrigerators of a particular manufacturer because you understood the legitimacy of their products through reviewing. Your friends may also refer you to a specific site for reviewing because of the accurate information posted on them.

Applying an eyeliner


Looking good is important because it helps boost your self-esteem which enhances your public interaction. How many times have you felt embarrassed in public because of malfunctions related to your image?  Having that attractive appearance may help you strike different deals because you interact with people freely. There are many things you can do to change your look. Having a fantastihairdo, putting in certain types of clothes and wearing makeup are the usual methods used to transform one’s appearance. Wearing makeup is common among most ladies and few men. This involves the use application of cosmetics such as powder and lipsticks to change one’s appearance.


This method is useful in the enhancement of beauty because of the complete makeover it brings to one immediately after being applied.002 People wear make up for different occasions like weddings and parties. Those in the video and media industry also apply cosmetics to change their appearance before the cameras. It also makes one look attractive. There are different types of cosmetics out there which serve various purposes. One of the most common is the eyeliner. It is applied around the eyes as a line to make them more noticeable. It is used by ladies to enhance their attractive look. For those who have never used it and are looking forward to using it here are the procedures for applying eyeliner.


Sharpen your pencil

For those using the pencil liner ensure your pencil is sharp to ensure smooth application and movement of the liner. A sharpened pencil will guarantee the right surface is covered by the liner to give you that desired look. For those who are using the liquid liner ensure the brush used in its application has a sharp end. A flat end will give you uneven application of the liner.


Balance your application

Ensure both eyes are even in the administration of the lining. Fill the gaps that might be left during use. You can also seek the services of a professional makeup artist if you want perfection. Understand the areas you should apply and take your time to ensure the best outcome for your desired look. It is necessary you work on the upper and lower lids. Do not forget the outer part of your eyelids.



003The mode in which you position your eyes can determine the outcome of your lining. With the help of your mirror or laptop camera, hold your eyelids properly and apply your liner. You can lift them using a finger or even close one eye to provide more accuracy. Move your head back to get a more transparent look.

Perks of Having Small Breasts


For women, their breasts are their most important asset, and sometimes some of them prefer to have a big ones. Although most of them might go into plastic surgery to have bigger chests, some of them who have an overly grown chest have gone into operation to have a smaller breast. If you think that having small breasts has its perks, you have to come to the right article. In this article, we’re going to discuss the perks of having small breasts, so make sure you read on to find out about it.

firm breastsNo more sagging

As women get older, their skin gets saggy, including the breasts, but women with small breasts won’t have to worry about their breasts getting saggy. If you think that wearing a bra will keep your breasts tight and firm, then you are completely wrong. A study in France has proven that wearing a bra might hasten the process of having a saggy breast, so make sure to remove the bra at night.

back painNo more back pain

Another reason why having small breasts is excellent is that you don’t have to worry about back pain anymore. It is well known that women with a big chest will have back pain more often, especially after a long day of working or being outside for an extended period.

Lower rate of breast cancer

Yes, you’ve read it right. Women with small breasts are less likely to have breast cancer, and not to mention they are much easier to be diagnosed and intervened in case they do have breast cancer. If you’re not happy with your small breast, then this is probably the reason why you should be satisfied with it!

perfectly fit braNo problem of finding the right bra

Even though having big breasts might be pleasing to the eye when you’re shopping for a bra, it might not be a delightful experience. If you have small breasts, then it is guaranteed that the store will have a smaller size of bra, but that’s not the case if you have an overly grown breast. This problem can be remedied by ordering a custom bra, but it will take some time for the bra to arrive at your place. And despite the accurate measurement, sometimes the bra can be quite a hit or miss, either too tight or too lose.

Wedding Venue Ideas


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. It is the day where you and your partner will be joined in holy matrimony till death do you part. And in order to have that special day celebrated in a beautiful ceremony and event, you will need it to be held at the perfect place.

Finding the perfect place to be your wedding venue can be difficult and challenging sometimes. That is probably because there are lots of variables and factors that you have to put into consideration. When you are stuck in a rut when deciding on where you want the wedding to be held, you will be needing some inspirations and ideas. Here are some ideas for your wedding venue:


wedding venueWhen you are on a budget, and you want to throw a wedding that is affordable, you will need to find and choose a wedding venue that is affordable as well. There are many affordable places where you can hold your wedding. You can have it in your home to save your money from spending it on a venue. Plus, it also adds more intimacy and personal factors when you have it in your home. Other ideas for affordable places include the courthouse, a rental or Airbnb, libraries, museums, aquariums, zoos, and theatres. You can even hold your wedding on the streets, like one of your favorite television friends, Phoebe Buffay.


When you want to throw your wedding at a place somewhere that is fancy, you have a wide array of several different options to choose from. You can hold it in a ballroom, like this melbourne wedding venue that is absolutely beautiful. A ballroom is truly a grand setting for your ceremony and reception to be held. Other than that, you can also throw a marvelous event on a boat or yacht, in a spruced up ranch, at a hotel, in a conservatory, a botanical garden, or even a planetarium.

Destination wedding

beach weddingDestination weddings are a big deal today. When you are choosing a venue for your destination wedding, you need to figure out where you want to go to first. When you want to go somewhere tropical, Bali is the place for you. It has a wide array of different places you can choose from. You can hold your ceremony at the beach, in a forest, in the rice fields, and many more. You can go to South of France or Italy for somewhere rustic. Rent an old palace or hold it in a vintage chapel. There are so many options to choose from.


Top-Rated Epilators


The hair removal process is an expensive and very frustrating experience. Many people have been trying different methods such as shaving and waxing and epilation to remove it. Waxing is very expensive. Those who shave have to keep on buying endless blades. Many of them prefer epilation. This method is associated with numerous benefits including longer-lasting smoothness.

It is a device that comes in different sizes and shapes. It is designed with small tweezers that pull the hair right from the root. It is suitable for all parts of the body. Going through the available epilator reviews will help you in finding the best device for your needs. This article has compiled a list of the best devices in the current market. You can learn more about these devices by visiting

Benefits associated with epilating

This method has many advantages over shaving or waxing.

It is cleaner

With this method, you do not require any liquid or creams. Some of the modern devices are designed with chambers for catching the falling hairs. Its use has helped in getting rid of the messy issues associated with shaving and waxing.

Makes someone hairless for long

Pulling the hairs from the root will make your skin as clean as possible. It will take much longer for it to reach the skin’s surface again. It is a principle that is also applied with waxing.

It is cheap

Purchasing an epilator is one of the worthy investments that you can make. It will help you in saving money in the long run. With this method, you will have to book any expensive appointments or even purchase creams and razors.

The following are the top epilators

Phillips Satinelle HP640

This is a corded epilator. It is very popular. It is designed with great features that make it very efficient and easy to use. It has a speed setting system that allows the user to reach the sensitive areas without using a lot of power. It can be cleaned easily. It also features an attachable cap that is very efficient.

Panasonic ES-Ed90

It is one of the best selling epilators. It is a durable, full body device. It is suited for working on the arms, legs, underarms and bikini line. Its pedicure is one of the most favourite features. This device is much easier to use, and it has a greater battery life as compared to the other epilators.

Emjoi AP-18

This is a mid-range device. It is a string device. It is designed for both women and men. It features 72 whopping tweezers that make it very efficient. It is also known for providing a microbial protection. It is a dry only device. This means that it cannot be used in the shower.

Why you should Work Hard to Reduce your Man Boobs

Having large breasts or gynecomastia can be quite embarrassing for many men. It is often caused by various factors such as the kind of lifestyle and hormonal imbalance in the body. If you find yourself in this situation, you really do have to panic as there are practical steps that you can take to reverse the condition. Apart from eating the right diet and regular exercises, there is male breast reduction that has been proved to be very effective. Pills like gynexin are very ideal. Check out gynexin reviews for more information.

Benefits of reducing man boobs

Increase your self-confidence

Men who suffer from this condition are known to have low confidence. This is because there are many downplays that are associated with large breasts for men. First, you will be compelled to wear baggy clothes so as to conceal what you think should not be displayed to the public. One the hand, a flat chest will allow one to wear clothes that are fitting. This will, in turn, improve the way you look and consequently enhance your self-esteem. It is also said that big breasts make a man to feel less of a man.

Masculine figure

Huge muscles are what most men desire to have. Unfortunately, no many who live to see this. Reducing your man boob will not only enhance your looks but also make you feel like a man. Sometimes it is so embarrassing when you have boobs that make people think that you are womanish. It is also good to acknowledge the fact that when the way of reducing the size of your boobs is going to the gym. This is what you need to develop those huge muscles that you yearn for.

Do away with stress

Sometimes, big breasts can make people to develop stress especially the young generation. People tend to think that is a communication that they are not really men. Such thoughts might accumulate to stress which might cause various health problems in one’s body. Having the condition reversed will free your mind from a lot of unnecessary thoughts and conserve it for something constructive.

Improve your shape

You will notice that men with big boobs tend to have undesirable posture. In fact, the condition makes them less handsome. This is because they tend to have a large top and a thin lower part. That can be changed by simply working to reduce the large breasts to a desirable size.


Hunting gear for cold weather


If you are a hunter, you know how important it is to wear the right hunting gear during the cold season. Anything can happen when you are hunting. You just need to be suitably dressed for the occasion. If you are not in the right gear, you will have several mountains to climb before you can catch up with your prey.


Hunting Gear For Cold Weather

There are several hunting gear for cold weather. You need hand gloves, safety boots, pants, and a jacket for hunting in cold weather. You also need a hood to cover your head completely. One of the most important hunting gear is the hunting jacket. Cold weather hunting jackets like the Core4Element Elevation Jacket are a must-have for all hunters. Whenever you go hunting in cold weather, you should expect anything- rain, snow, scorching sun or moderate weather conditions. You should be prepared for the worst. With the Core4Element elevation jacket, you do not have to worry about rain, snow or cold weather. The jacket will keep you warm throughout the hunting period.


Buying guide for hunting gears

Cold weather hunting gear serves two main purposes- protection and insulation against cold weather. Therefore choose the gear that serves these two purposes equally. For instance, if you are looking for hunting trousers or pants, look for those that are made of a strong water-resistant material. Preferably, they should have several layers of this material. These layers are good for both insulation and protection against mechanical injuries. On a different note, remember that hunting is not a stroll in the park. You will be running up and down. Consequently, choose the gear that you can comfortably run in. If you are in an area that experiences extreme winter conditions, be prepared to run around on ice and snow. Finally, don’t forget to choose the right color of your hunting gear. You do not want to be noticed by your prey. For this reason, choose a color that will provide natural camouflage in the woods.


Where to buy hunting gears for cold weather

Now that you know what to consider when buying hunting gear for the cold season, you can buy them from specialist stores online. Hunting gears are very specialized forms of occupational apparel. You should, therefore, buy them only from specialists. There are several design aspects that go into each cold weather hunting gear. For instance, hunting pants should be able to offer protection and insulation against cold weather and still provide enough space for movement. They should also be comfortable to run in. You can only trust a specialist to factor in all these aspects. That is why it is important to buy hunting gear from trusted dealers and specialists only.


Common hunting gear for winter

When you are looking for hunting gear for winter, you will come across some of the most common ones like Sitka Coldfront and Blizzard BIB Pants, Cabela’s Stand Hunter Coveralls and Core4Element Elevation Jacket. These items are normally bought together with Under Armour Coldgear Gloves, Cabela’s Wooltimate Ninja Hood, O-Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Cold Weather Boots and thermacell heated insoles, among other items.


Tips on starting an online retail beauty business


If you are interested in the beauty field, then starting an online beauty business might be just the right option for you. Starting online business retail business will give you the opportunity to sell your products online at the comfort of your home. Being a retail beauty seller is a good way to express your passion and at the same time start your journey towards entrepreneurship. Learning How to become an Avon representative is the best way to become a beauty products retailer. Just like any other business, some challenges come with every online retail beauty business. Here are some of the tips that will help you with starting your business.

How to start an online beauty business

Have the knowledge

The best investment that you can make when it comes to online retail business is investing in knowledge. You need to have some knowledge in beauty and skin care. If it is possible, take some beauty classes to learn about the skill or do a lot of research on the internet. By doing the needed research, it will be easy for you to answer questions from clients and at the same time offer advice. Since you are selling beauty products to the clients, they expect you to have all the knowledge.


Sell good and reputable brands

There are many makeup brands available in the market, and you need to sell good and reputable brands. If you cannot use the brands that you sell on your skin, then do not bother selling them to your clients. You need to make sure that your clients can trust you and you can only do that by selling good and reputable brands to them. Several reputable brands will offer you an option to sell their products online as a retailer.

Have a professional platform

It is important to have a professional site where you will sell your products. For instance, you need to have a good e-commerce platform where your clients can make the purchases. A good platform for clients to buy is always a sign of professionals. Social media is always a good option because it will give you a platform to interact with your clients.


Customer service and delivery

You need to put a lot of effort in customer service when it comes to selling products online. Customers need to be treated well, and you can do this by replying their questions promptly. You also need to make sure that you have a prompt delivery system to ensure that you keep your promise as a seller.

Latest interesting Facts about Necklaces

Most of the people in the current world are ignorant of the uses and values of a necklace. This special type of jewelry was not just created to be a mere decoration as most of us think. Have you ever wondered why princesses and queens of ancient mighty kingdoms wore necklaces? A necklace is beyond what you literally see on someone’s neck.

This special type of jewelry was originally meant for emotional expression and strengthening of romance. Necklaces with diamond were most valued and were believed to create and impress a lot of attention. They were among the first type of art developed using different technologies for example bones and animal teeth. In general, they have played an important role in the fashion and outfit industry. In the past, it was commonly worn by female partners, but in the currently developing world, it is worn by both genders. Nowadays beautiful tangle necklace are for different tastes and are outsourced from different materials like enamel, gold, stones, beads and expensive metals.

Necklaces can be categorized into different classes according to dimensions of length which include:

  • Choker – 35 to 41 centimeters in length which hang closely on the neck
  • Princess -45 to 50 centimeters in length and it is slightly longer than a choker
  • Matinee- 56 to 58 centimeters. It hangs closely to the cleavage of a woman
  • Opera necklace-75 to 90 centimeters. It hangs on the breastbone
  • Rope necklace- Longer than 90 centimeters. It rests past the breastbone
  • Lariat necklace- Longest necklace. It’s long enough that it can be wrapped multiple times around the neck. Can be worn regarding loops.

Now that we have known the facts of this special jewelry we should ask ourselves how we should acquire quality necklaces. The following are ways to choose the right necklace:

According to Neck

The first thing to consider is your neck size. We have to know our neck size by measuring it by using any measuring tape. After knowing your size, you check the various types of necklaces and decide on which you are comfortable and will make you look presentable.

According to your height

It is important to check your height when choosing the necklace length. Too long necklaces may look ugly on petite persons. Short persons work well with princess and matinees necklaces. Medium persons can wear any length.

In conclusion, necklaces are a fashionable piece of art which have been worn since ancient times. Necklaces have become an influence in the modern society and have brought about wearing of simple chains and neck ware by the male gender. In the past, necklaces were worn by special classes of people and rules were developed on how and when to wear the jewelry. It was used to point out the wealth status of the society.


How to Prepare for Prom Night


A prom night can be a huge moment for girls, especially if they have a date to go with, and of course, there’s a lot of preparation to go before your prom night. These preparations may range from finding a dress, getting rid of acne, teeth whitening, and many more. So teenagers, do not worry, here we have listed several tips and trick on how to face prom night. Hopefully, you’ll have a blast on the big day.

promRent or buy a dress early

A common mistake that often happen is delaying on finding a dress, or they start looking by the time it was around few days before prom night. Always prepare for a week or two to buy, or rent a dress, and always make sure that the dress is ready one day before the big day.

Tip: if possible, borrow from relatives or perhaps borrow from your sister, which can save you a lot of money.

cremeHair removal DIY recipe

Let’s say that all the salons and spas are booked and tomorrow is your prom night, and you haven’t wax your legs. Do not worry, all you need to do is take a tablespoon of sugar, lemon juice, and honey for your waxing cream. Mix well and boil it to a creamy thick consistency, and after it cools down, spread it on your leg and tap on with your waxing strip, pull, and voila. If you’re too lazy to make the DIY waxing cream, you can always buy a hair removal machine, like a Philips Lumea test.

Teeth whitening

Switch your regular toothpaste with a whitening toothpaste for two weeks before the prom, and make sure to avoid soda, coffee and tea, opt for plain water instead. Another tip is to brush your teeth at least two minutes and twice a day, and flossing when you have the time.

Tip: if you’re too busy to brush your teeth or to floss, make sure to at least use mouthwash to prevent your teeth from yellowing.

Fight your acnepimples

Our first tip, do not touch your pimples no matter how irresistible that is. Make sure to drink lots of water, do some exercise and always wash your face before you go to bed. Use sheet mask at least twice a week, and use some acne pimple gel or creams, depending on your skin type.

Tip: you can always buy some supplements that are made to fight acne, make sure that you consult with a dermatologist so that they can prescribe the right supplement for you.

What to look for your right sneaker shoes


Before hitting the shop and coming out with random shoes or sneakers that you need to be wearing, there are some things you must put in mind. Your feet are your support, and they are what determine your efficient mobility. It is then quite essential to wear the right types of sneakers that help protect your feet. This being said, nowadays sneakers come in a variety of designs, and they don’t hesitate once a fascinating activity appears in town. Their designs can mimic anything, currency, pets, buildings, songs and even movies, deadpool shoes002 are one perfect example. You’ve obviously have watched the movie Deadpool, right? You’ve seen the craze and love people have had about it. Part 2 of the movie is also out, wait you’ll see, even furniture and vehicles around the Eastern Africa and other regions in the globe, not only shoes alone, will be printed with this movie’s logo and graphics. Deadpool shoes are quite a classy design and certainly will attract anyone when worn.

Sneakers are multipurpose, you can wear them when heading to work, when playing soccer and also when running and doing workouts. They are quite comfortable and take the shape of the feet to render you psyched, ready to hit the road. Being that they are this convenient, they then become very pricey. So before giving out your hard-earned cash, it’s important to know the different qualities to look at.


Provides room for effective pronation

Pronation? You probably are wondering how pronation and contemporary sneaker designs connect. Yes? Every shoe should be designed to offer effective pronation angles. The back face of the shoe should be designed in an inward inclination to support the ankle and absorb shock when running or walking faster. This should be amongst the prime focuses you should check when buying shoes.


Cosy cushion inside the shoe

Cosy cushions work efficiently as compared to shin splints. They provide much comfort inside, and when walking, you don’t tire quickly. When buying your shoes press the cushion to confirm its elasticity and the bulk of the material used for the cushion. How comfortable you’ll feel when compressing the cushion with your hand will be similar to what your feet will feel. Go for cosy shoes for much comfort.


Go for rigid shoes

Always go for shoes with a hard sole. Soft soled shoes are very uncomfortable when walking. Go for shoes that are hard to bend. Shoes that are stiff are always supportive and don’t get pierced with stones and other obstacles easily. Look for all these qualities in shoes and you’ll always recommend this article to many.

Things you must know before you put on your makeup

w34e5rytfdsLike your first date,makeup application requires preparation. Before you apply any concealer, foundation or any other beauty product, you need to ensure that your skin is clean and ready for the makeup. However, you will be surprised to know that most people skip very vital steps due to the fact that they are not aware of how important they are to their skin. Following the various steps help you know the right products to use and at what particular time, and which product or step should come first because it is as important as the result of the makeup. Therefore if you want to maintain a flawless and radiant skin, you need to keep these vital tips in mind before you put on your makeup.

The type of makeup to use

You are required to apply the right make up at the right place of your body. If you have no idea where to use the makeup you can ask assistance from an expert so that you be presentable in public. Makeup products are designed for different parts of the body, for instance, we have make-up for the lips, the face, eyelids, and the fingernails. You are supposed to use each makeup at its right place.

The side effect of the makeup

Makeup always misbehaves with the human skin when wrongly used. You must follow the instructions before you use the makeup on your body. It is always indicated whether the makeup is safe for an open injury or not. You should be cautious when applying the makeup. For instance, the makeup for the lips should be applied correctly to avoid swallowing. Eye make-up also should be applied in a way that they do not get in touch with the inner side of the eye. The makeup may interfere with the body functioning and cause complications if not applied carefully.

Cleaning and drying your skin

It is advisable to make sure your skin is very clean before you apply the makeup. Some people ignore this step and end up doing the wrong makeup. The makeup will be intact with a clean skin for a longer time. You should prepare your skin and make it dry for the makeup to be effective. Some makeup are oily, and they fade away when the skin is wet. This might embarrass you in public, so you need to follow this factor keenly. Check with beauty shops on how you should clean the skin with the right substances before you apply the makeup.ertyghfgdfs

The purpose of the makeup

This is the most important factor to consider when you apply the makeup. The makeup that you put to impress your partner is quite different from the one you will put when attending a meeting. You should have some knowledge of the kind of makeup you should use to avoid catching the attention of people in an important event. You might need some guidelines from a professional to advise you on the schedule you should adopt to ensure your makeup serves the right purpose to avoid the effects on your body and favor your colleagues and working environment.

How To Shop For Relaxing Beauty Products

Shopping for beauty products is not rocket science especially now that there is the internet and advancements in technology. There are numerous platforms online providing tips and tricks on how to test and know the best relaxing beauty products to buy for your skin. It is imperative to note that, people have different skin types, and their are corresponding products that are slightly different. In this article, we are going to unearth some of the best ways to shop for relaxing beauty products in the market right now.ertytugfdsr

Seek basic help

Asking for help from family and friends is the best way of getting the most reliable advice on some of the best products in the market. Find some people who you interact with and ask them questions about a particular store they might know about. When you do, look for relaxing beauty products they sell and if they are best for you. To supplement your knowledge, you can visit various sites on the internet and list the stores which deal with these products and take time to compare them. You will finally arrive at the best option where you can shop from. You can also identify the quality of products they deal with.

Visit the store

If you are not satisfied with the information you get online or from friends, you can go ahead and visit the store by yourself and test the various relaxing beauty products available. This is important because you will get satisfaction as you would have the opportunity to touch and test the products and find the best ones that suit your skin. You also get personal interaction with the sellers who can explain the effectiveness of various beauty products they sell. Then you can make up your mind to purchase the best relaxing beauty product you want.

Shop according to your budget

This is the most important factor to consider. It is ideal to have an organized budget for your beauty product that you desire to buy. The budget will help you buy the exact brand with the quantity you want so that you do not overspend. People are prone to greed when they check along the catalog which leads to changing their mind for other products not listed in their budget. So you must plan a realistic and genuine product before you decide to visit the store or the online catalog. This will help you save your money and time.

The price and brand of the product

ertytfdsreYou are supposed to be pretty sure of the price of the different brands of beauty products available in the store. This will help you choose the brand that is in line with your financial status, but you should not go for cheap. Look for a favorite brand good to make you feel relaxed and maintains your beauty. You are also required to have a specific brand of the relaxing beauty product so that you do not have a problem associated with using different brands each day.

LUZ Studios

Portraiture @ LUZ

LUZ Studios
Using large format cameras, vintage lenses and a process first introduced in 1851, we make modern portraits with old world craftsmanship, true legacy images that will be handed down for generations to come.


Holiday Hours @ LUZ
DEC 22
Holiday Hours @ LUZ

LUZ Studios

LUZ Studios will be running regular hours, starting November 29 to December 22…

Thursday 11am – 4pm
Fridays 12pm – 6pm *
Saturdays 10am – 2pm *

Fridays & Saturdays we will have our Tintype Photo Booth Set up throughout December.

Photo Chine Colle
Photo Chine Colle

9:30am 12:00pm
LUZ Studios
Chine-collé roughly translates from French; chine = tissue, and collé, meaning glued or pasted

* Part of the Creative Outlet Workshops.

The Flash Course
The Flash Course

12:30pm 3:00pm
LUZ Studios
Make peace with your flash!

This 2.5 hour seminar on “Flash Photography Done Right” will teach you how to use your on-camera-flash as a powerful creative tool, using simple techniques and some very inexpensive accessories!

Learn to Make a Hardcover book
Learn to Make a Hardcover book

10:00am 4:00pm
LUZ Studios

In this one day workshop you will learn the basics of making your own casebound (hardcover) books.

Folded Journals & Accordion Pocket Books
Folded Journals & Accordion Pocket Books

9:30am 12:00pm
LUZ Studios
From a simple accordion folded booklets to learning how to make a creative journal with one sheet of 22×30 paper.

Intro to Photo Polymergravure
FEB 15
Intro to Photo Polymergravure

LUZ Studios
The beauty of a gravure print lies in it’s unique tonal range and the fact that the image truly becomes part of the paper rather then simply suspended on its surface.

The ABCs of Processing Film @ Home
The ABCs of Processing Film @ Home

12:30pm 3:00pm
LUZ Studios
This 2-hour seminar will teach you how fun and easy it is to process your own B&W film at home!


Revival: Creative Retreat in Joshua Tree
MAR 23
Revival: Creative Retreat in Joshua Tree

Revival in the desert …. with Leah MacDonald, Diana Millar & Quinton Gordon
March 2015

The Collodion Image
APR 12
The Collodion Image

LUZ Studios
Immerse yourself in the world of Wet Plate Collodion photography with this 3-day intro workshop.

The Collodion Image (Summer Session)
JUL 15
The Collodion Image (Summer Session)

LUZ Studios
We offer both a 2-day version & a 3-day version of the The Collodion Image. The major difference is the 3-day workshop allows for us to travel out of the studio and shoot on-location at a local farm. You will also get a chance to learn the collodion process more in depth over the three days.

Intro to Polymergravure (Summer Session)
JUL 22
Intro to Polymergravure (Summer Session)

LUZ Studios
The beauty of a gravure print lies in it’s unique tonal range and the fact that the image truly becomes part of the paper rather then simply suspended on its surface.


Intro to Encaustics & Mixed Media with Leah MacDonald
AUG 16
Intro to Encaustics & Mixed Media with Leah MacDonald

LUZ Studios
“unleash a passion for painting photographs with beeswax and oils, exploring a whole new level of surface, texture and abstraction…..”

Black Friday // Black Art
Black Friday // Black Art

4:00pm 8:00pm
LUZ Studios
It’s back… Our 2nd Annual Black Friday, Black Art

Drop by the studio on Friday Nov-28 and we’ll have our Tintype Photo Booth set up.

Paper Marbling: Gift Wrap!
Paper Marbling: Gift Wrap!

12:00pm 2:00pm
LUZ Studios
Drop in to learn a modern approach to suminagashi … $10

Post Bound Portfolio/Albums
Post Bound Portfolio/Albums

10:00am 12:00pm
LUZ Studios
* Makes the perfect holiday gift …. use to hold your marriage certificate, or knock your next client’s socks off with a customize made presentation book…your thesis…. soo many options! $60.

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